Top Up Your Knowledge On Car Oil

Aug 17, 2017

Top Up Your Knowledge On Car Oil

Car oil is, in essence, the blood of your car, car oil helps to keep all the vital components of the engine lubricated and moving smoothly. Lubricating your engine is fundamental to your engine functioning and prevents metal to metal contact.

The process of car oil starts in the sump, (the sump is a reservoir for your oil supply) from the sump it is then transferred in and around the engine, the oil pump then draws the oil and pressurises and sends it to the oil filter. It is the oil filters role to remove any impurities and particles and supply clean oil to the rest of the engine, straight to the main arteries such as the bearings, pistons and valve train.

To avoid any friction or wear to these parts they must be well oiled and as this ultimately prevents metal to metal contact from happening, after the oil has travelled around the engine it will then proceed back to the sump again. As car oil travels in and around the car engine lubricating any moving parts you can really see the importance of its role in the overall process of a combustion engine, so it is important you find the right oil for your car.

What oil for my car?

When dipping your car for oil you may ask yourself ‘ what oil is right for my car’ there are three main options available when it comes to car oil.

  • Conventional
  • Premium Conventional
  • Full Synthetic
  • Synthetic Blend
  • High Mileage Oil

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Different types of oil come with different benefits, but how do you decide which oil is right for your car? The answer is to choose the car oil that is best suited to the way you drive, the type of car you drive and the stage of life your car is at. It is often debated between people, which oil type is better, here is a breakdown to help you decide which is right for your car.

Conventional car oil is made from crude oil, that works to reduce friction, it also helps cool the engine and is great if you drive on main roads and motorways.

Synthetic blend car oil is a blend of synthetic oil and conventional oil, and just gives that car engine a little more protection over general conventional oil.

Full synthetic car oil is a high grade, better quality of oil, it performs well in extreme weather conditions, in high-performance sports cars and for the shorter stop start drivers.

Full synthetic oil works it’s best when the engine is put under stress, for example, if you do a lot of towing or live in extreme weather conditions, or perhaps the weather rapidly fluctuates from one season to another, then full synthetic oil is the best option for your car.

Engine oil and filter change

An engine oil and filter change are usually taken care of with every service package, this is essential to improve the quality of oil travelling around the car's vital components as well as keeping your car working efficiently and smoothly. An oil and filter change goes hand in hand with better fuel economy and can extend your engine life.

It’s easy to see that the benefits of having your oil and filter changed are big and that choosing the right oil for your car and driving style can improve the overall efficiency and life of the vehicle. So, if your car needs an oil and filter change then why not book in with today!

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